Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Read: The Rembrandt Affair

2011 Resolutions (WSJ 12/31/10) Author David Wroblewski (The Story of Edgar Sawtelle) says "FTFN. You're familiar with the acronym RTFM (read the f - ing manual). Same idea, it's Finish the F - ing Novel instead."

He's talking about writing and finishing, of course, which is on my list of things to do. However, on our first snowy January Sunday (white death predicted by weathermen up to six inches, actual Bedford weather occurrence - a light dusting), I hunkered under an afghan determined to finish Daniel Silva's latest thriller The Rembrandt Affair.

Mission accomplished and the book is a doozy. Once again, Gabriel Allon - art restorer/Israeli super agent - retires, determined to enjoy his wife and a peaceful life. Unfortunately there's been a murder and a Rembrandt stolen, and only Gabriel can uncover the full mysterious connection between a Holocaust surviver and a Swiss industrialist selling parts to Iran. The book covers a wide territory - Amsterdam, Argentina, Israel, and Switzerland - and includes Silva's usual heroes, Gabriel's team of ragtag brilliant Israeli agents. Fast paced, well researched, The Rembrandt Affair is an exciting read for a gray hot chocolate day.

Bundled up for a few icy photos. We had almost two inches of rain, a few sleet pellets, snowflakes, and now bitter cold temperatures. Hooray for living in the sunbelt.

Then again, I never need an excuse to read, but blustery January weather begs for book sessions and a nap. No guilt necessary.


  1. Yeah, I've got that FTFN on my list of goals for this year. I really just need to FTFS (scene) so I can FTFN, LOL!

    Totally agree about January -- it's definitely a month for hunkering down with a good read.