Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dr. Rice on Leadership and the World

The University of North Texas, in Denton, hosted Dr. Condoleezza Rice Tuesday evening. A packed house gave her a warm welcome and we were treated to a short lecture on democracy, values, and leadership. Her humor and experience shone throughout her speech. She is a proven class act.

Without being preachy, she emphasized how she, an African-American female, could work hard, gain higher education, and ultimately be involved in world politics - Secretary of State (2005-2009). That is the promise in America. She also talked about leadership and how she learned to delegate, how she gathered people to tell her the truth on issues, and how awaking with a positive attitude helps all those around you. She emphasized optimism in tackling problems.

Key global issues that are still defining us - September 11th 2001, Economic Turmoil from 2008, and the Arab Spring. She also discussed how the Founding Fathers had no idea of the pace at which we get information now. The government they created was based on a slower life, but fortunately the United States system adapts and evolves without uprising and upheaval.

Her closing words were geared toward students, but applicable to all of us. She recommended challenging oneself with something new; learn and fail - it's okay, but then try again; read and talk with different people and sources - get out of your confined world and actually  listen to other viewpoints; travel and learn about other cultures; emphasize education - it is the groundwork for all.

I came away impressed with her presence and her thought provoking views. UNT did a great job as host to Dr. Condoleezza Rice.  (And she gave an emphatic NO - she does not plan to run for President...Not ever, Never. )


  1. I've always been in awe of Dr Rice. What a privilege for you to have seen her talk in person.

  2. How fortunate you were to see her. It's a shame she won't consider the presidency, I always thought she was a wonderful person to represent the country. She definitely has a presence without coming across as self serving and egotistical.

  3. She offered some great advice about learning and failing. You have to do both to get anywhere!

  4. Thanks for sharing your experience. She sounds like an inspirational speaker. Trouble is, too many of those we admire are being shown in another light lately. I've just heard about a former Australian artist, working in Britain for the last 30 years arrested for crimes against children. Shocking. It saddens me.