Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Jenkins Arboretum - A Stroll Part One

 Took a jaunt to PA to visit my Dad and also celebrate my "baby" brother's 50th birthday. The weather went from chilly to fantastic, and by Monday it was t-shirt wearing stroll time. I did a search and found a gem - the  Jenkins Arboretum   was only thirty minutes away.
 So Dad and I went on an adventure. It was still early for a huge amount of color, but buds were ready to pop. We enjoyed the hike on the hilly nature trails.
 Bird's nest tucked into a tree.
 At the pond, baby turtles were sunning themselves. They were a bit far away for a good picture, but you can absorb the atmosphere from this view.
And a splash of color at the entrance/exit. The arboretum was FREE and absolutely delightful. I'd like to go back in a week or so - the azalea blooms will be spectacular. By May the rhododendruns will be berserk.

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  1. Pretty. I like walking among flowers and shrubs, I just have no idea what they are :-)