Saturday, June 26, 2010

Make the Buzz Stop - World Cup Chat

I'm confessing to dork factor - that's me in Sweden in 1974. Yep, sixteen years old - first picture is at the Wickman family summer home. Second pic is in Norway - me with Gustav and the father, Arne. Cool people who really showed me a good time as an exchange student. That was my first experience with World Cup Soccer. Television was a bit bleak (truly -Fred Astaire musicals were a highlight) , but soccer ruled and at the time Sweden had a contending team (I believe). My memory's a tad vague on that point. Nonetheless, it was all consuming.

Thank God for technology - I tivod the USA vs. Ghana game today and could zoom through it quickly. Ghana dominated, but the USA tied things up. Then extra time - total bummer - Ghana kicked butt and that's the way it goes. Rah for USA - L.Donovan was great but his killer right foot couldn't do it all. Maybe in four years..........who knows??

It's rather amazing to think about how many people in this world are watching soccer. Very cool - brings the world together in a peaceful situation. Let's sing "Imagine" with John Lennon.

So, cheers for the USA. Now who should I root for?? Hmmm............
I have to say, in the world of sports writing - I'm enjoying the Wall Street Journal - they
are awarding best acting awards to the soccer players who collapse on "injury" and then are back for the next play without a limp. Yeah......right.

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  1. You never cease to amaze me. I don't think you have shared your Swedish experiences before.
    Cozy In Texas