Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Recommended Read

Sometimes I visit the library with a purpose. I have a certain author in mind or a book title to find and that's my goal. Most times I browse the stacks and let titles catch my eye or a cover intrigue me. Then I pull out the book, read the blurb, and make a decision. Depends on my mood. I read many genres, often with no rhyme or reason. And yes, sometimes, I want a short book. Other times, I want to hunker down with a tome.

Invisible Boy by Cornelia Read leaped into my hands the other week and I devoured this book. It's so much fun to crack open a story by an unfamiliar author and get drawn into a tale, a voice, and a style.

Madeline Dare is helping a friend clean up an old family cemetery and shockingly finds a small skull and bones, rib bones that show being crushed. Police are called and the mystery commences. Who was the child? Why was he tucked into a corner of this cemetery? Madeline is ultimately hit by a car, threatened, and afraid for herself and family. Yet, her wisecracking sense of humor sends the story into high gear and the pages turning.

When I closed the book, I smiled and said, "Wow." Invisible Boy proved to be a rolicking read, and I shall look for the author's other books. Her style is current, a tad snarky, and tight. This gem was a find, and I shall return to the library seeking other jewels on the shelves.

Have you read a book lately that had that Wow! factor?


  1. Wow - very cool to have THE author comment. This whole internet search engine key word thing must work. Now if only Ms.Read would have posted her latest Wow! book page turner.

  2. Hi Joanne, Yes, I do have my wow factor books and some authors I truly love. No matter what the topic is I love Angela Hunt books. Even when I'm not interested in the topic it seems I love her books and can't put them down. I read the Fairlawn Series, set of 3, and they are wonderful. I was looking for something different and I found it here. She does her homework and you also learn alot in the process. Another one of her wow books was "Uncharted". Makes you think. I also love Sara Gruen and Kristen Hannah, "True Colors" actually made me cry and I never cry with a book. I just completed "One Good Dog" by Susan Wilson. Loved it! Couldn't put it down. And, you were talking about new authors, I just read, "Life, In Spite of Me" by Kristen Anderson. It's a memoir but incredible. Anyway, happy reading. If you are on goodreads a site for reviews and listing your books, please add me to you list. I'd love to see what your reading. Go to www.goodreads.com/lv2scpbk

  3. P.S. Sarah Gruen wrote "Water for Elephants".