Thursday, April 19, 2012

Q: Queue and Quaaludes

Q: Queue. In England, you'd join a queue to buy a ticket, get a table, or perhaps to see the Queen. I use the term queue for my Netflix recommendations and reviews for The Little Paper of San Saba. I am the critic for a town without a cinema. Here's the latest column:

Like Crazy - American Jacob (Anton Yelchin) and Brit Anna (Felicity Jones) meet and fall madly in love in Los Angeles. She's on a student visa. However, when she goes back to work in London, the strain of a long distance relationship proves daunting. Trust issues abound, and finally she works to make the move to the States. However, he's trying to grow his furniture making business. Life as students was much more fun and carefree than trying to be grownups and finding their way. Likeable characters in real life situations. Like and love is crazy.

Anonymous - This period costume movie is rather boring. Who really wrote Shakespeare's plays? After watching this mess you won't care. I just couldn't get into the alleged intrigues of the court. I normally like Vanessa Redgrave, but even she didn't keep me captivated as the queen. Better to go read a Shakespeare play than watch this snoozefest.

Rango - rather weird animated movie. Funny, clever, but above the heads of kids. Johnny Depp voices the bizarre lizard who's finding himself on an existential journey. He travels to the Old West and is annointed sheriff. It's all zany and wild and there are a lot of good lines, as like Shane - there's a battle between good and evil. Plenty of pop culture references abound and kept me amused. Kids probably like the colors and action, but I question whether they really follow the story. Whatever - it's fun.

Being Elmo - Kevin Clash grew up in Baltimore, fell in love with puppeteering and achieved his highest dream - working with Jim Henson and the Muppets on Sesame Street. Even more amazing, he developed one of the most beloved characters ever - Elmo, and decided Elmo would stand for love. This documentary is endearing and a true feel good story. Kevin, now in his 50s, seems like a really nice man who's creative, hardworking, and still can't believe it all himself. His parents were supportive all the way through, and watching kids' faces when Elmo appears is worth the show. Excellent flick.

Portlandia - just started watching this series and it's hysterical. Fred Armissen and others from SNL fame all send up the hippy dippy vibe of Portland (not Seattle). Whether it's questioning a waitress on the origins of the farm raised chicken, or working at a store but not wanting to sell product, there are a ton of laughs in the 20 minute episodes. Truly on the mark snarky and trendy. Love it.

Queue up the poison of the day - not quinine -Quaaludes - No longer available in the American market, quaaludes (generally pill form) were taken to relieve anxiety and induce sleep. However, overdosing is easy and reaction time is quick.


  1. That's unusual to be a critic in a town without a theater. Good reviews, though!

  2. A good post and a good Q word but we here in England don't queue to get tickets to see the Queen......well not the Royal one did you mean the group Queen?
    Most interesting to read as always.

  3. Your town is lucky to have you as a critic. As I write these words, I have you as a critic write a mystery about your town. You are the main character, like Miss Marple, but much, much prettier, and you solve the mystery by the end, of course.

  4. I've wanted to see Anonymous, but no chance yet. Rango - didn't like, though my hubby and son loved it.

    Great post!