Thursday, April 26, 2012

W: Wyeths, Wrigley, Whimsy, and Wasps

 #atozchallenge   W: Wyeths - I grew up near Brandywine, PA and the art of the Wyeths is in my soul.  The grandfather Nathaniel Wyeth illustrated tomes. Andrew Wyeth painted Christina's World, windows, fields, and barns. We always joke that my family loves bleak and gray. Yep, the Wyeth palette seeped into our blood.
 Jamie Wyeth continued in his father's path with landscapes, pigs, and he also did portraits such as Warhol. The Brandywine area is gorgeous. Visit the battlefield and also the Wyeth museum and grounds. The area reeks of history, nature, and art.
Wrigley Field is part of the Holy Grail for baseball fans. Ray and I visited Chicago and attended an afternoon game. Wow!!!! The ivy wall, the buzz of Cubs fans, and the intimate baseball field is awesome. This is baseball at its best.

Whimsy -  by Joanne Faries
The Bright Spot

Black shoes, blue jeans, gray sky
polka dots a conscious choice
pajama soft, the socks’
white and yellow spots
dance under cuff
touch of whimsy perk
this dreary afternoon

Wasps - Ray's allergic, so we always have Raid Wasp Killer at the ready. Wasps are incredibly lethal with their vicious stinger. Quite scary because reaction time is within an hour.


  1. Those paintings are fabulous, especially the window.

  2. Wonderful post and paintings. Altogether a W post to be proud of.


  3. I saw the Andrew Wyeth "Helga" exhibition at the Smithsonian and became and instant fan. I'm allergic to bee stings so I can relate to being freaked out by buzzing of any sort. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm off to explore some of your other posts. Happy home stretch of A to Z.

  4. Joanne, What a nice collection of 'w' son wants to visit Wrigley Field so badly :) and well, whimsy is a fantastic word, isn't it?
    thanks so much for a great and refreshing 'w'...

  5. Love your poem, and Wyeth art is captivating.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Nice to meet you!

    Play off the Page

  6. Great post. That round dwelling built into the hill is wonderful. Is it in England? Thanks for visiting my blog.