Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A to Z - Eye on Texas: F

 Our Letter F today travels to Fredericksburg Texas located in the hill country. Founded in 1846, with its large German influence, today it has a population of 10,000 and a large tourist flow.
There's a biergarten on the main street, and winery tours abound.  Peaches, lavender, and wildflower seeds are important agriculture products. Plenty of cutesy shops will keep you poking into corners.

Hungry? I bet the Longhorn Café has a monster chicken fried steak, or Porky's Burgers will offer cholesterol heaven.
Fredericksburg has a lot of bed and breakfast spots - so plan on making it a weekend. And don't forget to stop at the Fat Ass Winery.
We love the letter F


  1. Fredericksburg...a perfect Letter F. Passed through their coming and going to New Braunfels over the Easter weekend. Gotta mention two more places to visit...Dooley's Variety Store and The Christmas Shop. Dooley's is like stepping back in time to Ben Franklins, Wackers and other 1950's-60's five and dime stores.

    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal
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  2. Didn't realize there was any sort of German influence in Texas.

    1. ja. Quite a bit in the hill country - Let's hear it for Oktoberfest.
      There's also a large Czech contigent - any excuse for kolaches

  3. Immigrants from Europe tended to settle where the weather was similar to what they had in the old country. We had lots of Germans that lived in the Midwest, which would figure, but there is a large German population in Texas as well, where the weather is a lot warmer. Interesting...

    John Holton
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  4. Wine, peaches and lavender? My kind of place.

  5. Fat Ass Winery? My kind of place. Just kiddin, but it's a great name. Thanks for the tour, Joanne.

  6. I guess that's one side trip the kids and I would have to take without Dad. He's allergic to lavender. Because next time we go visit my MIL in Haslet (north of FTW), I am going to go to the Fat Ass. *ROFL*

  7. Historical Fredericksburg. One place I've long wanted to visit but haven't made it yet.

  8. Hi Joanne - thanks for visiting ... I think I'll put Fredericksburg on my list .. not too big, but still with plenty to do. The peaches and lavender draw me in .. but I'm happy with glass of wine and visits to various estates, or shops ... and obviously set in lovely surroundings of the hill country.

    Good for me - cheers Hilary

  9. This sounds like a fun town! Peaches, lavender, and the Fat Ass Winery make for a fabulous tourist destination!