Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A to Z - Eye on Texas: S

 Eye on Texas visits three S Texas spots - Spur, San Saba, and Salado.
 First Spur, Texas - I chose the town just cuz..........I mean c'mon Spur. How western can we get?
The screenwriter for Urban Cowboy, Aaron Latham, was from Spur. And that movie spawned the whole western craze - mechanical bull riding, beer drinking, and Bud and Sissy forever line dancing. Admit it, you secretly liked this movie. I know I did  - Hard Hat Days and Honky Tonk Nights. I even bought cowboy boots because of this movie. Hee Haw!
In 2009, Spur dedicated a giant spur sculpture by John Grusendorf  in honor of its centennial.

 Let's cruise down I35 to Salado, Texas - an artsy town for a bed & breakfast weekend and outlet and cutesy shopping.
The Stagecoach Inn is the oldest continuously running hotel in Texas. It's on the National Historic Register.

 Finally, let's visit San Saba, Texas because I am the movie critic for The Little Paper of San Saba.
Yes, I have a hook-up for said title - Ray's aunt lives in San Saba. I am not paid, but I send her movie reviews, book reviews, travel articles, etc and she's very happy for the "filler". I am a poor writer, but I am published!
 A few from her patio. It's a rough rugged country. I wear my snow boots as snake boots.........yikes

In the spring, there's a limited window for the cacti to bloom, but it's fantastic.

S is for snakes and sales and spurs - the variety in Texas is Staggering


  1. The giant spur is funny.
    Wearing your snow boots is a good idea.

  2. Looks like a few "middle of nowheres."
    I kinda like that.

  3. You spoilt it mentioning the snakes. I know they are there, I don't need reminding LOL. Snow boots are certainly a good idea. Never saw Urban Cowboy.

  4. Sounds lovely, snakes and all. A bit like where I grew up, though very far away from Texas.

    Thanks for your visit.

    Best of luck with the rest of the challenge,

  5. Yup, Spur is the most Texan of Texan things I've learned about this month!

  6. Would love to visit Salado and stay in that historic hotel! I was "country when country wasn't cool" I lived the urban cowboy life in the early 80's. It always bugged me how they mispronounced Spurger, Tx (the city Travolta was from before he moved to Pasadena to work). I live less than 20 miles from it, and we say it like "spur" and then the end of "burger". Travolta pronounced it Spurjer. If you are gonna use a real town in a movie, for God sakes pronounce it like the locals do!!! Many, many local are pipefitters and welders went to work in Pasadena in the 70's & 80's.
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  7. Sorry I'm so late. Urban Cowboy was a good movie. I've never tried to ride a mechanical bull, but it was fun watching John Travolta and Debra Winger do it! I really enjoy your book and movie reviews. You are a sensational writer and poet, Joanne!