Friday, April 17, 2015

A to Z - Eye on Texas: O

 Eye on Texas - O - Odessa, Texas.  We've traveled from N - Nacogdoches in east Texas to O - Odessa in far west Texas. Darn big state - that's a lot of miles and driving. Much easier to just zoom there on the computer via my blog. C'mon armchair travelers - let's check it out
 Friday Night Lights and Football - yep, read Buzz Bissinger's book by that name (it is excellent), check out Peter Berg's movie (superb), and now stream Kyle Chandler from that show (oh yeah).  The Odessa Broncos vs. the Permian Panthers offers today's version of the Roman gladiators. This is life and death in west Texas entertainment. Odessa is a city of 90,000 people. It has the seventh largest football stadium in the nation for high school football.  (info and pics courtesy of Wikipedia)
 When they say roughnecks, they mean it.  West Texas is tough territory.
 Oil. Oil. Oil.  Here's Texas money and backbone
If you are looking for a lot of wide open space, a place to stake a claim, make your name - Odessa could be your answer. Watch out for rattlesnakes.

Oh Countess - any Downton Abbey comment that could be appropriate....applicable to Friday Night Lights

"Wars have been waged with less fervour"


  1. Like space, dislike snakes... So, it's probably not my town! I love that final photo, stunning sunset again.

    Annalisa, writing A-Z vignettes, at Wake Up, Eat, Write, Sleep

  2. Seventh largest high school stadium? That's impressive.

  3. texas has some pretty country! and lots of it! it's like its own country (ha, said that twice!)

    happy o day!

  4. I liked Kyle Chandler even way back when he was on that TV show Early Edition. :)

  5. Hi Joanne - 90,000 is a tolerable number of people .. about what we have here .. not too keen on football .. or the barren west - looks tough ... rattlesnakes ... I'm definitely not keen on - but I expect they'd stay out of my way if I did of theirs .. cheers Hilary

  6. Oil and football...from what I understand, Texans see those things as life and death.

  7. Friday Night Lights was a wonderful TV show. That show really knew how to pull at your heartstrings. Great job combining Downton Abbey with Friday Night Lights!