Saturday, April 11, 2015

A to Z - Eye on Texas - J

 Eye on Texas - J had a shock this morning. She looked for her J post and it wasn't there. She was NOT Jolly, because she had picked Jolly Texas to kick things off.  So I am winging it.
 Then I picked Justin Texas because that's where I drive my hour to work. This weekend it's packed with folks for NASCAR. Hee haw. That's why I did not work on Friday. I did not need any part of that circus.
Justin is also famous for its Justin boots.
And I can also vouch for a darn delicious chicken fried steak at Mom's Café

Sorry this is rushed, but that's Joanne's J adventure.

Have a great weekend.  (I checked - my K is intact for Monday)

Jolly good!


  1. So the place where they sell watches is called "Justin Time"?
    Yeah, that was pretty weak.

    1. I'll let it slide, since it is Texas.

  2. I admire you for your trek each day. I'm happy with my 6 minute commute.

  3. Just when ya think you're in sync with this never-ending A-Z thing. That stinks that you're first J disappeared, but you gave us a fun, double-dose and no indication of anything suspect - except the NASCAR mention.

    Actually, I've never been to Texas. You're making me wanna jump over there.

    Joyous weekend, Joanne.

    1. the guest room is decently clean (not Martha Stewart clean) and you can call from the airport for a pickup in 15 minutes. We'd show you a good time (or point you in the right directions). Don't come in Aug - too dang hot!

  4. Don't apologise. The A to Z is a marathon and you're doing great. I haven't even attempted it for several years. Not sure about the fried steak though. I'm more of a fish eater myself!

  5. J took me by surprise today, too... Turns out there's no J words in Papiamentu--which, by the way, I find inordinately cool, haha. And it forced me to get creative.

    That chicken fried steak above made my mouth water! I'd never had chicken fried steak until a few years ago in San Antonio--and now I'm addicted, haha.

    Thanks for the visit to Quiet Laughter yesterday. Loved your comment :)

  6. Those steaks looks delish. Have a jolly weekend!

  7. I had a grey pair of Justin's I loved! Then Pete took me off into the woods and got me lost in a brier patch in the rain and mud, spotlighting for rabbits and my Justin's were never the same. He bought me some beige Tony Lama's, but I want Justin's.
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  8. I would avoid the NASCAR circus too. Have a joyful weekend! :)

  9. Love boots. Great thing to be famous for!

    Thanks for visiting my blog.