Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Book Review: Blue Horses by Mary Oliver

Every so often I'll check a book of poems out of the library. You can't go wrong with Mary Oliver. Her latest collection, Blue Horses, is a treat and yes it makes me feel very inadequate when I re-read my own poetry. But that's okay.

cover blurb:  Mary Oliver returns to the stunning imagery that has defined her life's work, describing with wonder both the everyday and the unaffected beauty of nature.

Here are two stanzas from Stebbin's Gulch
              the water pours
              it pours
              it pours
              ever along the slant

              of downgrade
              dashing its silver thumbs
              against the rock
              or pausing to carve

Her poems seem simple, but they are rich with humor and observation. As the reader, you are on a stroll with her and she stops to point out something. Then you stand and discuss it a bit. When you move on, you are a better person for that moment in time.


  1. I've never read any of Mary Oliver's poetry before. Thanks for introducing me.

  2. Yes, she's a new poet to me too but I like your phrase "you are a better person for that moment in time" to describe how her poems make you feel - with that recommendation I am sure to take a look :) Thank you Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace