Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tween Austin

Texas night sky - can't be beat. This was in route from Austin to Bedford. I'm not religious, but this does make you drop to your knees.

On the grounds of the Texas State Capitol - Texas Pioneer Woman. She holds a baby in her arms and gazes defiantly. I, personally, would have hopped the first train back east once I heard the crazy wind howl on the prairie. I work in Justin, Texas and at times want to scream from the screeching wind. Buffeting is a severe verb.

The Texas Book Festival hosted some tango dancers. Rather improv. They needed better costumes to add to the ambiance and flavor. Somehow sloppy jeans and an untucked shirt didn't usher Spanish hot flavor.

Nifty courtyard and fresh air. So, there were tents for adults (free literary journals and books), plus very nice children story telling booths. But what about that forgotten sea of teens? I saw a few young girls - no doubt advanced readers who could attend adult sessions and enjoy the humor. But what about the Lost Boys? That is an issue in the world of publication. Harry Potter captured a lot of readers. Now what??

I do hope that someone can capture that tween market. Girls are easier - romance is a freebie. Boys are still on the fence - action/adventure, fantasy, science fiction - what do young men want to read???? If anyone has answers, let's inform the Texas Book Festival for 2011.

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