Thursday, April 7, 2011

Anti-Cork Dorks

The Fort Worth Museum of Science sponsors a PUBlic Knowledge program designed for adults at a local venue (i.e. the Capital Bar on Morton Street - very cool patio). Kudos to them for an adult event. We met Tuesday, April 5, for a discussion by Brock Wagner, the founder of Saint Arnold Brewery Company ( They are based in Houston, and last year brewed 31,000 barrels of ales and lagers. Their maximum capacity in the new facility is 100,000 barrels. After that, Mr. Wagner said, "It wouldn't be fun. We'd have to have meetings and organization, and that would be boring." Mr.Wagner began as a home brewer in his dorm at Rice University. In 1994, he established Saint Arnold and is now one of the top fifty craft breweries in the United States. He discussed the history of beer, various components of beer, and the key to Moveable Yeast. The science of beer craftmanship offered a whole other language. Hence this post. He referred to wine afficionados as "Cork Dorks". I liked that terminology. There were a lot of question and answers. The world of home brewing is vast, and this writer was impressed by the attendance, the questions, and the passion for beer. Thanks to the Fort Worth Museum of Science for an enlightening evening on a local patio. The weather was spectacular. Alas, the beer was not free.

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