Monday, September 14, 2009

Fall in Philly -Brush with Fame

Fall in Philadelphia brought a rainy dreary day. Nonetheless, my good friend Joan and I dodged the raindrops to wander about. William Penn keeps watch atop City Hall.
Ben Franklin should live in today's publishing world. Bet the Farmer's Almanac would still be a hit and he'd have an agent.

The City of Brotherly Love. You can't see it but this sculpture heads up one end of Ben Franklin Parkway. Way in the distance is the Philadelphia Museum of Art, ready for you to charge up the steps and give your best Rocky impression.

Love and Relationships - Is that working for you? Dr.Phil brings his show to Philly on Wednesday 9/23, but was in town for promo work. Joan and I were hanging in the Comcast building lobby to watch their huge video screen (fun clips). Anyway, Dr. Phil was filming blurbs, and we had a brush with fame.

Robin McGraw (l), an author in her own right was gracious and joined Joan (r) for a picture. Robin was very pleasant and asked, "Where are we?" Joan replied, "Comcast building." "No, like where are we?" Joan and I both said, "Philadelphia." She smiled and said they'd traveled so much recently, she had no idea.
Aah, the price of fame. They were headed back to New York. Joan and I caught the train to the 'burbs.
Fun in Philadelphia.

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