Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Symbols and Such - Philly Style

Open the door to the Masonic Temple in Philadelphia, now giving tours. It's an amazing building and the membership included Ben Franklin and George Washington. Frankly, you don't get clear answers to your questions about the Freemasons. Nonetheless, they definitely admire education, hard work, and architecture.
A glimpse into design for the ages. Gasp

I love stained glass and this is glorious.

The temple is quite impressive. I'm writing this to salute Dan Brown's new book The Lost Symbol. Apparently he is saving the world of publishing. After The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons, the man can write his own ticket. The Masonic Temple in Philly, long closed to public viewing, is open to tours and willing to expose itself to interest thanks to Dan Brown, et al. The idea of hidden treasure (think Nic Cage in National Treasure) and secret societies is a money making operation. I enjoyed the tour of the Masonic Temple in Philly and plan to read up on the whole operation.

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  1. Interesting. We are all intrigued once the word "secret" is thrown in. As always, good pictures.