Saturday, October 17, 2009

Different Views

My husband is off to Bronte, Texas where he enjoys time with one of his sons, with our brother-in-law, and other assorted family and friends. They are putting up a new deer blind this weekend in preparation for November's opening of deer hunt season. The pictures above are from his game cam -the 10/4 collection.
I grew up in a very non-hunt oriented family. This weekend, I'm reading, writing, and contemplating life in the comforts of my home. (No roughing it for me...ever!)
It's ironic that my father has larger deer roaming his neighborhood in PA and generally presenting a hazard on the roads up there. If nothing else, the contrasts in my life inspired the following poem.
Hunters’ Delight

deer wander suburbs
hoof prints embedded
poop piles on lawns
bucks could ring doorbells
like a Far Side cartoon

deer forced from wooded
protection by
developer buildings

the same men who lease land
sit in camouflage blinds
aimed to shoot deer that

meander backyard America

1 comment:

  1. I like the contrasts you paint in this poem. I especially like the line about bucks ringing doorbells like a Far Side cartoon -- great line for a chuckle.

    Good job. Enjoy your weekend alone.