Sunday, May 30, 2010


Memorial Weekend 2010, we fly our flag proudly on most sunny days and fortunately this weekend is proving perfect for the Stars and Stripes. Ray's sons - Chris and Kevin - are Marine veterans. They fortunately served and survived their five years of commitment to the Armed Services. Sadly, many do not and for that we remember and honor service, duty, and all soldiers who serve(d).

Oh, Ray and I grill burgers and float in the pool, and yeah, we take in a Memorial Day sale. However, we do truly salute all of our fighting men - living, dead, past, and present. My Uncle Bill fought in WWII and lost a leg and a year of his life in service to the United States. He turned ninety this month - a humble, great man, I'm proud to know. Ray's Uncle James served in Vietnam. He came back from that war a different person, and ultimately succumbed from post-war trauma - he was a delightful man and a hero our family remembers.
So many enlist for the United States of America and all it stands for. I shall mention freedom of speech, because obviously that is dear to my heart. I'm grateful I can post this blog. I'm grateful I can publish without fear of reprisal. Thinking about patriots cranking out words on printing presses, I'm in awe.
And in today's world, the publishing industry is in flux and yet survives with banter. Here's a quote from Garrison Keillor (Chicago Tribune/New York Times), " I think the publishing industry is about to slide into the sea. "
In turn, Jon Stewart said at the New York Book Expo, "I think the most surprising thing about the Keillor op-ed is that I thought he was dead." Ba-zinga (as Sheldon would say on Big Bang Theory)
Publishing shall flourish and the Internet is a potential friend and not enemy. Printed books versus e-books is still up for debate and perhaps both can live in harmony. And that's the joy of America. Choices. Freedom.
Memorial Day - I bow my head in remembrance

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