Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sanctioned Voyeurism

Paid admission to wander about the Fairmount Historic Home Tour on Sunday - Mother's Day is sanctioned voyeurism. You can enjoy six historic, restored bungalow homes, built predominately from 1905 to 1920, and comment on design, decor, and overall atmosphere.
It's amusing to peer into corners, absorb others' taste in art, and imagine life in this corner of Fort Worth. As a friend said, as we walked about one of the bigger homes, "That's what's missing at my home - staff." Indeed, I could imagine sitting on the front porch and enjoying fresh squeezed lemonade as staff scurried inside to dust my magnificent hallway chandelier

Here's an example of a home being renovated. At one time it had been turned into apartments. Now it's gutted and returning to its original state. The home itself has character with lots of windows, hardwood floors, and a pleasant front porch. The neighborhood lends itself to friendliness and no doubt nosiness and plenty of stories. Check out Ann Summerville's book Secrets and Storms. She brought the Fairmount area to life in a mystery.
Now it's time for me to renovate a few stories, add some details and inspiration I took from the tour. And I have to find a place in a chapter for the four foot tall circus panda (standing on a drum and playing cymbals) that stood in a guest room. Perhaps it comes to life - hmmm, fantasy or horror?

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  1. Good post Joanne and thanks for the shout out. That panda was definitely creepy.