Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Arts in Fort Worth, Tony's on TV

Confession - haven't been writing much or editing either. No good excuses. Flat out - been swimming/water aerobics and exercise is beneficial and healthy. Been reading a lot - sometimes it goes in spurts and, currently, I have a pile of extraordinary material ( The Passage, Pretty in Plaid). Busy at work which involves me sitting at a computer screen for seven and a half hours straight. (okay, yes, I take thirty minutes for a bag lunch and peruse the Wall Street Journal).

Sunday - I chose to view other artists, and treated myself to a Fort Worth day. Strolled through the Kimbell and enjoyed their Asian art on display. Then lunch (!) - tasty turkey on walnut bread plus assorted salads. Yes, I chose their "small" platter and no dessert. Onward to the Amon Carter for a true treat. Ansel Adams:Eloquent Light featured sixty photographs from a master. Black and white vision, patience, and beauty.

Walked briskly back to The Magnolia Theatre at The Modern to see the film Please Give. Artsy angst. It did seem long, but it had some great lines and I love the actress, Catherine Keener. I'd say it was a mixed reaction from fellow film-goers. One man said to his wife, "Now can we go see the A-Team?" Yikes.
Finally, Sunday night, my husband relinquished control of the big screen and I watched the Tony Awards. Love them - great productions, excellent presenters, the winners gave eloquent speeches, and I'm ready to head to New York to see everything. Chatted with my father and we agreed - Come Fly Away - Twyla Tharp choreography to Frank Sinatra music - wow!
So, I might not be creating art at this juncture, but I'm sure appreciating others' talents.

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  1. Exercise is important to losing weight but I haven't been doing much of it lately. I love Ansel Adam's work. Wish I could have been there to see it. Sounds like you need two TV's.