Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Cappella Awesome

She stood on the stage of the Meyerson Symphony Hall and sang a cappella - For Good from Wicked. It was an amazing performance and a testimony to the acoustics at Dallas' premiere theater. Wow!

Idina Menzel is a superb talent and an entertainer. For one hour, she enthralled her audience with self-deprecating humor, charm, and a clear voice that interpreted sultry, sassy songs. Cole Porter's Life of the Party and Lady Gaga's Poker Face were just a few of the songs, plus she threw in some Police's Roxanne into her music mix.

I was the tall girl in the back of the church choir who never soloed, and realistically was never actually asked to sing. I was part of the charity program: "Here, you can ring a bell, when I point to you," said the choirmaster. Can't sing, can't dance. So what's a girl to do? Well, be a patron of the arts. I go to shows and support folks who can open their mouths and gloriously sing. Grateful for musicians, songwriters, and performers, I gladly pay to hear someone like Ms.Menzel, who shared her craft, never looked at her watch, and seemed to be enjoying her time in Dallas.

Idina Menzel did not disappoint. It was an astounding evening and of course she sang her showstopper from Wicked, Defying Gravity. I, along with everyone in the Meyerson, soared with her every note.
(I was in the cheap seats and I don't have a fancy phone to take pictures or record performances. Thus I'm grateful to the Dallas Morning News contributor above. I give him full credit for the photo and yes, by scanning it in I'm cheating. But we do pay a full subscription for the DSM and they keep raising rates. I hope they paid him for this picture. Thank you readers for understanding. The written part of the blog is all me.)

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