Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Vacation: Asheville NC

Downtown Asheville, NC proved delightful. People in the 1900s traveled here for the "cure". Fresh mountain air and various sanitarium/spas for relaxation. This city has a very small town feel with old restored buildings, narrow twisty roads, and plenty of shops and restaurants. It encourages a walking and hangout vibe.

Throw in modern buildings and interesting sculptures. Plenty of eye candy art and park areas, too.

I liked this piece. It was across from Magnolias , a restaurant with tasty menu selections and a lovely patio.

Just lots of cool art to view as you walk through a small park, listen to musicians, and work off the biscuits and homemade blackberry jam from the Tupelo Honey Cafe. I'd go back to Asheville for another meal - yummy southern cooking with twists.

These young ladies arrived, swirled into place, and stayed amazingly still - a little corner art scene. Creativity abounds.

I'd visit Asheville again for "the cure". It works.

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  1. We could do with some cool mountain air blowing this way. Great pictures.