Thursday, September 20, 2012

Contemplating Autumn

Fall officially begins this Saturday 9/22/12. Oh, the Texas mornings are crisper. We are in the sixties, but still rapidly heating up during the day, soaring toward ninety degrees. That's too hot. I yearn for jacket weather. Browns, crimsons, and golds. This postcard represents fall perfection
I realize that on the other side of fall winter looms. Nonetheless, I'm ready for mums in bloom, pumpkins on the stoop, and a harvest moon. Here's a poem I wrote in contemplation of autumn.

Meditation Walk

leaves crunch underfoot

acorns plunk, squirrels rustle

wrestle nuts to hide as

mockingbirds cackle

German shepherds behind fences

growl warnings as I pass

calm, tranquil, I stride the

neighborhood route

mindful of peace

aware of nature’s din


  1. I can't imagine starting in the 60s and ending in the 90s. Way too much adjustment!

  2. I can't wait for fall. I cherish those three days here in Texas between summer and winter!

  3. We're getting the same here - chilly starts, warming up, chilly afternoons and evenings. Leaves are already on the ground, and the river looks like glass. It is a stunning time of year!