Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Silly Deer Poem

Hunters’ Delight

(by Joanne Faries for her mighty hunter, Ray Faries, who is in a deer stand now in Bronte TX
 for her father (non-hunter) in PA who sees deer in his front yard)

deer wander suburbs

hoof prints embedded

poop piles on lawns

bucks could ring doorbells

like a Far Side cartoon

deer forced from wooded

protection by

developer buildings

the same men who lease land

sit in camouflage blinds

aimed to shoot deer that

meander backyard America


  1. Deer are amazing creatures. I was at a safari park over the summer and there were loads of them - they are so beautiful.

  2. I'm with Annalisa - deer are so beautiful, and when you happen to see one - OH! The delight of it. I would only shoot one with my camera :)

  3. My dad is a big hunter. He spends a lot of time in tree stands!

  4. That's so sad. There should be some sort of protection for them, especially as they were booted out of their home by the developers. In the UK we have a similar problem with field mice when green site development takes place... except they can't ring doorbells!

    There's an award on my blog for you :-)