Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving/Black Friday - Small Moments

Quick post to continue my small moments Thanksgiving theme. Enjoyed Thursday at my husband's folks. Fourteen adults and four kids made for a packed house. Plenty of delicious food and reasons to give thanks. Cousins teased cousins and now their children played together. The eight year old corralled the four year olds. I remember following my older cousin anywhere. Savored the memories.

Black Friday at Kohl's around 10 AM. We were lined up, armed with our newfound goodies and checking our coupons. Everyone behaved and the line moved pretty quickly. They have a good system with one traffic controller directing people to the next available checkout line. Then there was the man who kept trying to dodge into the line and acting surprised that people pointed him to the back. "What? You mean the line goes all the way back there?"  I chuckled to myself. He's the kind that dives into traffic or tries to bar you from entering the freeway. There's always one in the crowd.

Chatted with the lady in front of me. She had tried out a new jalapeno cheese spread recipe for an appetizer. Said it was a hit. We discussed our respective thanksgivings and then the husbands off to hunt. We agreed we were happier at Kohl's. We bade each other a happy weekend as we left the checkout. I was headed home and then to a movie. She was off to the Apple store with a friend (good luck to her on that)

People held doors for each other. I saw folks waiting to let parking spaces clear. There was no point rushing around. I enjoyed the small moments on a blustery day.


  1. Thank goodness, special times bring out the best in people. Like during the blitz in England, people pulled together and forgot petty quarrels.

  2. Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving. You were brave to go out on Black Friday!