Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Kids and Christmas

 Looking at this ornament we received from Kevin, age 6, in first grade (he's now 31) makes me reflect on how fortunate we (my family) are in good health, good cheer, memories, and in life. For too many families in Newtown, CT, that ended. I've reflected on the horrible shootings, cried at the news stories, and feel at a loss for words.
 Our daughter-in-law, Maria, crocheted this lovely snowflake. Think about how those first graders with the snub-nosed safety scissors were hacking away at homemade snowflakes for their trees or windows.
 Yes, I love snowflakes. We don't see too many in Texas
Ray's pepper plant has gone crazy. I liked this little garden angel peeking out from behind the bush. That's all I can present in memory of those kids and their teachers for now.

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  1. We put a lot of home made decorations on our trees - we have two (Hubby is a Christmas nut) - they mean so much, and are full of memories.