Thursday, January 9, 2014

Berman Museum of Art

Any time you travel, it’s easy to hit the big famous sights. However, if you don’t poke into corners and explore deeper you can miss local gems. On a recent trip to PA, I visited Ursinus College ( in Collegeville. This quaint town brims with culture and amidst the old stone ivy covered buildings is the Phillip and Muriel Berman Museum of Art. A current exhibition  A to Z highlighted the astounding collection of art amassed by the Berman couple.  

Student curators were assigned letters and then set loose to explore and choose appropriate art. What a variety – Warhol represented W, a sculpture by Man Ray for M, U is a difficult letter and the student chose Unknown – three artists renderings of George Washington – one did look like an original Gilbert Stuart, the others were more interpretive. 

Twenty six pieces of art were culled from over two thousand choices, and the final exhibition is a delight at each turn. Wry, somber, witty -  sculpture, oils, watercolors, and even a mobile are displayed in light airy rooms. The Berman Museum is small and personal. The outdoor sculpture garden adds to the campus atmosphere. If you are limited on time, but need an art fix – check out local colleges. You can be surprised.


  1. An A-Z theme sounds really interesting, a great way to find obscure things. The gallery I keep meaning to visit is my local one - but whenever I'm in town, I tend to be shopping for other things!

    1. shop at the local gallery and peruse the art - two tasks complete! Unless you need milk. They probably don't carry that. Enjoy - I bet you pop in next time to town.

  2. Sounds like a terrific exhibit. Gee, if you'd taken photos of all the pics, you'd be all set for this year's A-Z Challenge blogfest...

    Happy weekend!

  3. Love small museums because the exhibits really offer an expression of the area, artist or club.