Friday, January 24, 2014

poem : Movie Snow

 Recent Northeast snow pics courtesy of a sibling. He shall remain anonymous at his request. Like the NSA is tracking this blog..........seriously???

Movie Snow


glistens, pristine white glow

contrasts with nubby tree bark

red scarves wound around necks

blue mittens packing snow balls

muffled hush blankets cars

woodpiles, bikes left outdoors

smothered in crystalline splendor

movie snow frosts panes as

laughter ripples over hot chocolates

fireplace crackle, and winter nap
by Joanne Faries
my sister coined the phrase in an email and I thought it was awesome - Movie Snow never has the grit and grime and after effects..........instead it's just so pretty to look at from a window. Enjoy!


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  1. Pretty words and pictures. I love a fresh layer of snow that hasn't been yet marred by footprints or dirty. So pretty.