Monday, February 27, 2017

Monday Moments - the Tomato

 Here's trouble with a capital T
Almost two and a terror in a good way.  Oh, she's busy and it took seven adults to keep track of her as we ate lunch on our patio last Saturday.

Here's the moment.
 I had a veggie snack tray.  She's an eater and her little fingers grabbed a carrot. Munch. Munch.  A broccoli sprig. Yum.

Then she grabbed a ..............cherry tomato......  Her mother said, "that's not what you think it is."
She plopped it in her mouth, bit down, made a sour face, and immediately spit it out.

She was hoping for a grape.  Oops........

It was quite humorous. And that's our Monday moment.  What did you observe over your weekend or week?  Any surprises for you?


  1. What a cutie?, lovely post. Enjoyed the read.


  2. She's too cute! Always got to keep an eye out on one that young! I am exhausted after caring for our grandson for a few hours :)


  3. She's adorable! When our grandkids come for a visit, my husband and I collapse for days afterward. Even the dog is exhausted. This post made me miss them...

    1. It is tough to keep up. Sounds like you need to organize a visit

  4. How adorable. Yeah, I'd spit out the tomato too, were I expecting a grape.
    I hope you're having a great week, Joanne.