Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sunday Cruising - Glacier Bay, Alaska Brrrr

Friday  September 9 - It was a dark and stormy morning". Alas, the big boat event day - our tour into Glacier Bay was ominous. This would be our worst weather day. Oh  well. You never know in  Alaska what you will get late September.

We listen to a prep talk about where we are headed and what to expect. Then we go to the Crow's Nest - 10th floor of the ship. Alas, it's misty glare and way too crowded. Rumor has it they might open the bow. We hurry to our room to bundle up. First we go to deck 3. Brrrr. Reid Glacier, Lansplugh Glacier, and Johns Hopkins Inlet. Lots of wow moments despite the brutal weather.
Bow opens and we are layered with boots, hats, and multi-coats. We bustle out and gasp. Rain, wind, and a massive glacier in view. Quite dramatic. We snap pics with freezing fingers.  Okay - that's enough. We  give. Nature wins.

Scurry indoors to change clothes. We are soaked through.  Since we have a veranda we stand at the glass with our noses pressed against the glass. Lovely.  We break for lunch, then return to our room for the grand finale - the Marjorie Glacier.    The weather has broken a bit so we even venture outside - bundled up of course.  Oh, the caves and blue ice.  The Captain spins the ship slowly a full 360 degrees. Hey - we can even hear an ice calving - a dull roar and we can see the splash as ice breaks off. Tremendous.

One can only imagine a sunny day - beyond spectacular.
We finish up our day killing time. Announcements are made about expected boat rocking challenges. Ray even partakes of  dramamine. Any place you go on the boat, you weave and weeble wobble. It's a disconcering feeling.  However we are able to sleep after seeing the Noordam actors present a lovely show.

Glaciers are an amazing wonder to see. And the only way to see this National Park treasure is via cruise ship. It's well monitored and  very conscious of the environment. We want to preserve this purity!!


  1. Great shots and they sure must be a sight to see. Yeah, I'd let nature win too after a few minutes lol

  2. And what a beauty it is!


  3. Sounds cold but really neat to see!

    1. A bit brisk but you have the gear and Yankee fortitude

  4. I can only imagine how stunning it must have been, wow!

  5. Hi Joanne - still beautiful photos of what must be an incredible place to visit ... so lucky, yet such a treat and a delight -- come mist or shine. Brisk yes - can see that ... but what views and treats to the eyes and ears ... I'm glad they highlighted conservation - cheers Hilary

  6. Aren't glaciers beautiful? I definitely want to visit Alaska one day, but I'm such a cold weather wimp.

  7. Wonderful pictures! Such an amazing adventure.