Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Wednesday Whatever - Nic Cage - Oh Yeah!!!

 Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent.  OMG.  For any serious movie goer, this is hysterical. 

Have you loved Nicolas Cage through the years?  Through good and bad movies?  Like no matter what, he was crazy  or crazy good or Oscar winner good? 

If  so - this movie is for you.  Nic Cage is in on the joke. He was one of the producers and,  no doubt, gave the writers  tips. I can't even remotely explain the plot, except know that there are a lot of Nic Cage references, he actually talks at times to a younger version of himself, and yes he drives like Gone in 60 Seconds, helps the US Government in a plot, and keeps a straight face through the ridiculousness. 

I loved this flick  for my $6.  Pedro Pescal is an alleged arms cartel leader.  Sharon Horgan is the divorced ex that he really loves. Car chases, Nic Cage with that Nic Cage whisper voice.  What can I say?  The man is legend and this movie proves it.  

Truly funny!    When I think back to Raising Arizona, Moonstruck, Face-Off, Leaving Las Vegas....a lot of film history.  Trust me - you'll laugh. 


  1. I've neither really liked or disliked Cage, but it's good to learn about this entertaining flick, Joanne. For that I thank you.
    Stay well and cool over there.

    1. He's in on the joke, the myth, the man. It's good if you've seen a lot of his films and get the references. It is hot here - skipped spring and hit summer. You be well too!