Friday, March 31, 2023

Finally Friday and End of March

Oh, you know how I feel on this issue. My mother kept track of our reading and she was aware if we read something a bit racy, challenging, etc. She bought us Mad magazines we asked for - probably not always appropriate, but she allowed us to learn and figure out some of the world, learn about humor, and gain a little edginess. She did not stick her nose into other mothers' business and how they guided their children. 
God Bless Librarians.   Oh, we loved Mrs. Schultz of the North Wales Library. Always there with the newest books - saving a new "treat" for us. 

I am sad for any child with no access to a library or books. I am sad for kids who don't wander the stacks and discover something new, a doorway to another life. 

It's the end of March - always a weird weather month. We've been too hot, too cold, and when it's "just right"...well, in Texas then the wind blows way too hard. Let's see what April brings. 

I'll leave you today with a quote I found from Thomas Edison:  Results? Why man, I have gotten a lot results. I know several thousand things that don't work. 

Good luck this weekend on spring projects. Hope you get results!


  1. thecontemplativecat here. The first time I went to the public library, my Grandma Cardiff took me. I can still remember walking in the door and walking up stairs. the walls seemed to shine for me. Then going in to the rest of the library, the scent caught me. Still remember it. Parents, be proactive these days.

    1. I love this story. And yes libraries and books have that aroma of adventure. Thanks

    2. I love this. Thanks

  2. Hi Joanne - funny I don't remember being guided at all - I guess I picked books that interested me ... but did dig around at home til I came across Lady Chatterley's Lover back in the 1960s ... read it and put it back! I'm always drawn to books - but libraries as such never really came into view ... until I was at boarding school when I got interested - more in the cataloguing of them. My diverse range of interest continues!! ... cheers Hilary