Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Wild Wednesday

 Enjoyed another family series program with the Fort Worth Symphony.  

Dan Brown created a book and musical score with an animal theme - Wild Symphony. It was incredibly clever and entertaining. A narrator read each page and Maestro Mouse introduced us to his friends. Then the symphony played the theme music.  

The Ray glided smoothly through the water. The kangaroo had a bounce to the tune. The swans eased gracefully and the music was calming. A beetles tune had a lot of percussion as they scurried. And a fave was The Whale complete with that hollow whale call. 

It was a wonderful hour and I appreciate the hard work of our local orchestra. 

Support the arts y'all!


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    1. I meant to say different path for a creative dude. Guess he got tired of writing books for Tom Hanks movies - ha!

  2. Hi Alex - yes that author ... and Joanne what a great programme to see with the Fort Worth Symphony ... sounds great fun ... thanks Joanne for this link-up - cheers Hilary