Friday, December 22, 2023

Finally Friday Assortment

Winter solstice Friday. Let's reflect on  friends, family, and tidings of comfort and joy

In November, I caught up with my PA gang - Helen, Trish, Joan, and  Mary Ellen.  Lisa lives in NC and was not in town.  I am SO lucky to have these gals in my life since junior high,  high school,  and college. Dang!

Newest Faries - Levi.  He was born on  November 6th. Didn't seem too excited  about Thanksgiving turkey. My guess is he'll snooze  through  Christmas too. Enjoy the winter naps baby boy. 
Here's what I do  when up in PA  in the fall. My sister suggested we try to attack the leaves and crap under the rhododendron. I am still able to wield a rake efficiently. 
Let's  remember dear ones.   My Aunt Janice and Uncle Bill,  Uncle  Rick, my  mother, grandparents, Ray's grandparents.   My friend, Kearny, passed away back  in the spring  from pancreatic  cancer. 

It's a tough time of year for many. 

Still  kicking at 92, here's  my dad with  his Christmas haul.  Goodies from his lunch  ladies - former  work friends. They  spoil  him and know  he has a sweet tooth.  I am very fortunate that  he's around and  I try to go  visit several times a year. He's like a tiny elf now. 

Enjoy this Christmas  weekend.   Cheers and memories galore. 


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  1. Hi Joanne - lovely photos and remembrances of time present and gone by ... so pleased you can still get to see your Dad - also to wield that rake! All the best for 2024 - cheers Hilary