Friday, December 15, 2023

Finally Friday - No Business Like Show Business

Saturday November 19, only a day in New York City.  Alas, no time for a show.  Oh the lights. Oh the bustle. Oh the energy of Times Square.  I want to see all the musicals. 

I actually did see Lion King many years ago on Broadway. So innovative

Josh Groban stars in a new Sweeney Todd.  I bet his voice sounds awesome booming from the stage
I did see a touring production of Hamilton. I'd like to see it again. Clever show
My sister saw the original Wicked twenty years ago.  I did see it a few years later on Broadway.  Defy gravity!

 Times Square is magical


  1. Hi Joanne - well you certainly made the most of your time up north ... I've never really been into Shows - perhaps it's the time (and expense) of getting to the big city ... and I'd love to see Hamilton sometime. Cheers Hilary

    1. Oh it is expensive but, to me, worth the price. Live theater just crackles with energy.