Friday, April 19, 2024

Finally Friday - Spring in San Saba

Spring Saturday in San Saba, TX.   Hill Country.  Ray and I visited Aunt Pat on solar eclipse weekend.  One chore was a new flag for James' grave and trim up the area.   
Nifty decoration as you look over the land
Ray in hog heaven - using the tractor
Gorgeous sunset
Ray and me with a heart cactus

That's a round-up of spring in San Saba   (look out for snakes - rattlers on the move.  None slithered out on this trip)


  1. Hi Joanne - well done on the flag ... Aunt Pat will be pleased ... also Ray got his 'hog heaven' time in ... and probably a good thing there be no rattlers ... cheers Hilary

    1. Indeed. It is wild country. Pretty but couldn’t live there.