Thursday, February 19, 2009

colorful high jinx

this stained glass piece, a gift from friends, hangs in my office and even on a gray day offers variety and contrasts to inspire. On a sunny day it practically shimmers. Even cooler are the dots of color splashed on the floor. Creative Soul's blog (follow the side link) discussed winter blahs and the need for a jolt in February. That's true of writing too. Sometimes you have to pull out fuchsia or lapis lazuli when red or blue won't do.


  1. Nothing cures those winter blahs like 4-5 cups of really good STRONG black coffee!!!!. . . and. . . a sip of good whiskey at bedtime. . .

    A little advice from,

    Dr. JB

  2. I love your stained glass, especially with the way the blinds behind give more movement to the glass. I bet it does make some pretty shadows.

    Thanks for the blog mention. I'm glad you've gone color hunting this week.

  3. We need to do a TWW tour of writing spaces -- a little nibble at each house (booze at the last one) and a chance to see the spaces that inspire. Maybe I'll plan that for a summer Saturday -- my once a year gift of service to the group.

    Love the stained glass.