Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Look up

Splendid Saturday in Fort Worth, TX. Lunch at the Modern overlooking their reflecting pool. Normally this is a calm oasis, however, last Saturday thanks to the wind it was whitecapping.

A stroll to the Kimbell to revel in classic art. They are currently preparing a new exhibition on the Renaissance Period, so the large main galleries were closed. Guess I'll have to return.
This picure, courtesy of Ann Summerville, is the vaulted exterior of the Kimbell. She was taking some pictures and I said, "Look up. Such a clear blue sky, cool arch, amazing architecture. Snap it for me." Thanks, Ann.

Indeed, it's good to look up. Gain a new perspective. This concept was brought home at the Amon Carter Museum's featured exhibition, Barbara Crane Challenging Vision. This woman's 40 year retrospective is fabulous. She truly does look at the world in a unique way, and I came away from it with an enthusiasm for my writing. Keep the thesaurus handy and compose. Twist words. Overexpose. Have fun with creativity. (And get out to museums. Support the arts!)


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  1. Joanne, you have a great eye for creative shapes. What a fun day wandering around the museums.