Sunday, February 1, 2009

super sunday scattered thoughts

Four days ago, ice layered our fence outside as I slip-slided about taking pictures. Today, I"m in jeans and a t-shirt, enjoying Super Bowl Sunday on the patio. It's early in the day and I attended a matinee of "The Reader". Actually enjoy is probably not the correct word. Like the book. the film is quite intense, serious, and thought-provoking. Kate Winslet's performance is worthy of an Academy Award. Excellent film. Now I bask in the sunlight, watching birds flitter about and chatter. I should be reading, but nah....sometimes it's okay to let the world cruise along.

Super Bowl Sunday is the epitome of American excellence in sloth, junk food, and sheer waste of time. Ain't it grand! I shall have a magazine in front of me during the game, but even then I can't truly concentrate because the commercials are generally better than the football.

It's been a week full of rejections (6), but I watched Dinara Safina persevere as Serena Williams kicked her butt in Aussie Open tennis. The kid didn't give up, and I won't either. More writing and mailing next week!




  1. The super bowl doesn't hold a candle to the Texas A&M win over oklahoma State in basketball yesterday. I agree -- if it weren't for the commercials...

    Six rejections is good -- you're six closer to beating Sheryl on the strike out contest.

  2. G'day Mate.

    I enjoyed watching the Aussie Open as well. The whole aussie thing is surrounding me since Nigel the bartender entered Claire's story. I am checking out websites for Aussie slang and bugging my next door neighbor for insight. He's originally from Australia, been in the states about ten years. He has the parrot I used in The Crossing. The two of them are like little old men squabbling with each other--each trying to get the best insult in. On warm days the bird is in his cage on the balcony ogling the girls by the pool. You can hear his wolf whistle and "Hey Baby" often.