Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mulch Madness

Morose. March, for me, is frustrating. I want spring and flowers. Yet the reality is monsoons (we hope) and crazy winds. I've been burned by planting too early. So, we (Ray) tilled an area, added manure, re-planted a hardy sage, and mulched.

Mortar - we knew water was seeping away. We knew we had to face the reality of pool repair. Alas, the project turned uglier than expected. (Then again, were we shocked?) Our contractor dug deeper and now we await fresh construction.
Madness - Like any March project, one must dig deeper, remove the crumbled mess, and slowly rebuild. My November 2008 NaNo novel rested fallow for December and January. February I hauled it out, re-read it, and was still enamoured by my words. March, on about the fiftieth reading and with generous sharp eyed critiques from fellow writers, I realized it had festered on a tipsy foundation. "Ambitious Whine" needs an overhaul - patchwork fixes (like our past summer's silicone slapdash pool solutions) will no longer do. I need to work tile by tile, word by word, and give my characters a decent platform to launch their adventures. Perhaps, spread a bit more manure, too!


  1. LOL great analogy. The thing is your original draft has been 'composting' in your head for the last few months. By working on it in February you 'stirred' oxygen into the mix. That's some good compost now....Have fun with demolition and rebuild better.

    Good luck with your gardening and with the pool repair. Summer's coming!

  2. Once it's 100 degrees and we're floating in your pool admiring your landscape all this will be forgotten.