Thursday, March 19, 2009

When do you have too many flower pics?

Can you ever really have too many flower pictures? Here's more shots from last weekend's trek to the Dallas arboretum. So much material to work with, it's flowers on steroids.
I liked these two hardy souls.

The Arboretum theme is Storybooks. Hmmm - Dr.Seuss "One Fish, Two Fish..." I've read this a thousand times to Abigail and she never tires of the rhyme, nor do I. It becomes almost pathological.

Gotta root for the cactus. Hardy and almost belligerent. Domineering in its environment.
Are you tired of haiku? I'm not, though I might wear out my fingers counting syllables.
should learn flower names
bask in bountiful purple
bell shaped loveliness
P.S. I'm still jacking with the tile contractor and the pool's still green. The zen of the arboretum keeps me from being crazy. I need to return when the azaleas go berserk.


  1. Nice photo's JF!

    Even nicer Haiku. Had to laff at the finger counting for syllables -- I do the same thing, LOL.

    Agree about the azaleas. Talk about a riot of color.

    Also, LOVED the belligerent cactus dominating its environment, nice.

  2. There is no such thing as too many flower photos. Never. lol

    Nice haiku.

    I, too, liked the belligerent cactus dominating its environment. Belligerent is a terrific word, don't you think?

    Keep posting your photos, keeping writing poetry, keep after the pool guys. If you continue to post and write, chances are you won't drown the pool guys in the green cement pond.

  3. You can never, never, never have too many flowers or too many flower pictures.