Saturday, March 28, 2009

Unexpected delights - add water

There's snow in Amarillo, TX this weekend. Snow! Fortunately, in the DFW area the wind is merely howling to remind us that March provokes reaction. Brrr - my feet froze into blocks of ice this morning as I helped with registration for the 2009 Fort Worth Walk - the Multiple Sclerosis Society - Join the Movement. What the heck - for a worthy cause, it's worth it to brave the cold. Now, last weekend (yes, it's a flashback - see all pictures), Ray and I wandered Clark Gardens, enjoyed balmy temperatures, and I contemplated action sequences.
Stroll garden grounds. One pictures flowers, green grass, and shrubbery. Quiet. Calm. Perhaps a butterfly wafts overhead and a bee gathers nectar. An impish cherub turns away.
Actually, add water and you've got action overload. Fountains spray, water features burble, creeks babble, and a lion trickles. You want to read ahead in the story or run ahead to see what's around the next corner.

Splendor on unexpected surfaces. That's a key to a story - underlying tones and action. (And today, let's add some warmth)

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  1. The outer journey of the hero and the inner journey of the hero...they both drive the story to a satisfactory conclusion. Love your photos!