Thursday, December 17, 2009

Destined to Write

The manilla paper is crumbly and the old purple mimegraphed pages are fading, but the collection of Mrs. Baldwin's 2nd Grade Class - Christmas Stories lives on at my home. West Point Elementary School is long gone, but perhaps this booklet was my first taste of seeing my name in print. Sadly I still have POV shift problems. Some things never change. (and repetitive word use, too)
Here's the story. Keep in mind, I was seven years old:
When the Toys Came Alive
It was midnight when the Christmas toys came alive. The drum said, " I'm going to run away from Santa Claus." All the toys decided to run away with the drum except the doll. She said, "Just think of the little children. They won't have any new toys to play with. And just think, Santa won't have any toys to take to the children. He will have to make all new ones and you wouldn't like that.
Then it was quiet and the toys thought a moment. The toy bear said, "I'm not going to run away."
But the drum was still going to run away, so he did. He didn't really like it out in the cold. But he wouldn't go back.
Back at the workshop, Santa was packing the sled. He went to all the houses. Finally the drum decided to come back. But all the other toys were gone. Then he knew where they went. He was sad. Next time he is not going to run away. by Joanne Crowther
Artwork courtesty of seven year old Joanne - left-handed scrawl and all.

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