Thursday, July 1, 2010

Red Sky at Night

Glorious sky last Thursday evening over Ranger's ballpark in Arlington, Texas. Storms built around the area and there was a huge bolt of lightning, but no delay of game. However, many people in the crowd had no clue that nature was putting on a show.
Ian Kinsler concentrated on his time at bat. The umpire stayed focused. However, all around me, people talked on their cell phones, texted, played app games, and did not watch baseball. More and more, I'm dumbfounded by people's actions.

We were in section 221, not cheap seats. Why would you come to a baseball game and not watch baseball? That is true these days of so many activities. I observe people at restaurants - again, messing with their phones and not actually participating in the meal and all it encompasses. Couples stroll through the arboretum, oblivious to the flowers and each other (unless maybe they are talking to each other on the phone while walking side by side. Curiouser and curiouser a la Lewis Carroll)

As a writer, my words have to compete for attention from so many different outlets. I truly think there is a time for multi-tasking, and then there is a time to relax and soak in a single experience. If you are at a baseball game, watch the game (and yes, it's okay to observe the crowd for future characters in your book). Nibble on a hot dog and try not to drop nacho cheese on your shirt. Revel in the night sky, the crowd roar, organ music, glare of the spotlight, and don't get beaned by a ball. (Get off your phone!)

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  1. It's sad that people miss what is going on around them to get out there in cyber space.