Sunday, July 25, 2010

Savor a Swing Through the Past

It's the Wild West in the publishing world these days with mergers between the big guys, e-publishing issues, questions on brick and mortar establishments (Barnes & Noble vs Borders wars), the power of Amazon, the power of Apple, and discussions on whether people even read anymore.
In Abilene, Texas, a small independent press, Silver Boomer Books, is slowly building a nice collection of anthologies as well as encouraging a talented stable of authors with their Laughing Cactus and Eagle Press imprints.
From the Porch Swing is the latest anthology, and this collection of poems and stories treats the reader to memories of grandparents. One hundred seven authors were chosen from a worldwide submission process (aah, the ease of the internet and email). USA, England, Hungary, South Africa - a World Cup of writers look back fondly on grandparents who shaped their lives.
I'll brag now about my four poems all based on Julia Hughes Crowther, my paternal grandmother. Rainbow (p.88) was inspired by her crocheted afghans. Bouquet (p.125) is about plucking dandelions for her. Grandmothers applaud anything. Brush Your Teeth (p 259) - fascination and fear of her dentures. And finally, Duty Bound (p.270) - the girdle.
The Wild West is slowly being tamed by words - savor the read.

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