Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Post Series Blues

October 31st - attended Game 4 of the World Series in Arlington, Texas. (Took tons of pics - hence this bonus blog) Part of history for the Texas Rangers. Two hours before game time, the stadium concourse was packed with people. Throngs of fans in red and blue stood in line for souvenirs, beer, and food. The excitement was palpable, the air electric. I admit I'm a whiner when it's 100 degrees at 9 pm (in July) and sweat trickles behind my knees. Ugh. I believe in the seventh inning stretch and leave at that juncture. However, this was the freakin' World Series. I was prepared to stay until they called up Ray to pitch at 3 am, if necessary.
Somehow the concept of Claws and Antlers became a prevailing theme for the Rangers. They clawed their way into the series, and their speed (i.e. fleet of foot deer) helped at some serious scoring time. Plus it's the American way to transform anything into a hideous t-shirt.

No matter what, Rangers Ballpark in Arlington is a superb sports venue. It's pretty, classic, and very fan friendly (despite Texas summers). Ray and I are halfway through baseball park visits, and the Ballpark is worthy of top five ranking. Its sister is Camden Yards in Baltimore - very cool. Wrigley Field is still beyond description. I loved old Shea Stadium, and Ray had a ton of fun at the old Milwaukee home. We've not been to the holy grail of Fenway. Old Yankees - eh...concrete history.........We weren't mega-impressed.

Big flags - always impressive. I'll give credit to Texas for its distinctive flag. Simple and yet truly memorable.

My grandmother (Julia Crowther) loved her Phillies and Mike Schmidt. We'd visit on a Sunday and she'd be listening to a game - old school. So, I guess baseball is in my blood, especially being married to Ray. The Rangers were very exciting - so many stories, so many ups and downs. When you looked at the crowds - their enthusiasm, their commitment to history - you felt chills and had to root for the home team, eat Cracker Jack, buy some peanuts, and bask in the glow.
P.S. The Giants won and they were worthy contenders. Known as the Misfits, they were wacky characters with great pitching, bats at the right time, and a darn smart coach. As Ron Washington, Ranger's coach sorta said, "So goes baseball."

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