Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Spanish Influence

The Meadows Museum at Southern Methodist University offers a delightful atmosphere for learning more about Spanish art. It was a lovely Saturday and we strolled the grounds first, enjoying band music wafting in from the nearby stadium, clear blue skies, and solemn brick buildings harboring culture and scholarship
A hint of fall and a really cool face sculpture best admired from a distance
Pristine grounds and powerful bronze artwork

This was a quiet piece worthy of contemplation

Inside we were treated to pieces from the Meadows vast collection as well as works on loan from the Prado in Spain. Religious art is not necessarily my favorite - too many flayings, banishments, and anguish - but I can appreciate the stories these pieces tell of the times and beliefs. One of the great masters, El Greco, is featured and Pentecost is striking. Vivid colors, figures in motion, emotions aswirl - he captured divine holiness.
Visit the Meadows for more artistic stories, feel the power, and surrender in awe.

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