Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's a Zoo Out There

72 degrees in Dallas in January. Can't let weather like that go to waste. "Ray, what shall we do?" I checked the paper and it's Penguin Days at the Dallas Zoo. The promotion is that prices go down along with the temperature. So, today was an aberation but the prices for January and February are $5 admission, $7 to park, and yes - you have to ride the monorail for $3. I've lived in Dallas more than twenty-five years and had never ventured to this zoo. I was suitably impressed. Now I didn't get up close to the lions - this female looked ready to pounce on something.

On the monorail ride, you enter the river flow habitat. It's quite pretty.
This rhino was hungry. He kept pacing back and forth in front of a door. We figured he knew it was chow time and the maitre'd was running late.

This little fellow looked perfectly content, chewing on something and surveying the land from on high.

I love giraffes - so goofy looking and yet graceful. The new Wilds of Savannah area featured elephants, giraffes, and a feel for an African safari. Well done and entertaining. This fellow knew some food was in reach, if only the kids dangling over the rail would throw it.
So, no reading or writing this weekend. Just too darn pretty to stay indoors. It's obnoxious when so many folks (hey Dad!) are shoveling snow back east. However, Ray and I felt it was our solemn duty to take advantage of the sunshine - we wore our t-shirts and absorbed sunshine and zoo atmosphere.
A few quotes - one young girl (age 7 or so) said, "Mom, I just love the zoo."
One young fellow (age 5 or so) - "This is boring."
All in all, it was fun to watch kids spot hidden creatures - nothing quite like a pit viper in the Reptile House. Yikes!
Ray and I spent about three hours wandering the grounds. Thanks Dallas Zoo - well done!

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  1. Sounds like a perfect way to spend the day. I've never been to the Dallas Zoo either. Glad to know it's worth a trip.