Sunday, January 23, 2011

A to Z Songs Galore

A New Year's project involved buying a new CD shelf system, and then alphabetizing my music collection. I had CDs strewn in various cupboards, and categorized by Motown, Broadway, 70s, et al. However, some musicians stretched borders. It was time to use A,B,C ... easy as 1, 2, 3 (so indeed Michael Jackson joined the Jackson Five and Janet Jackson under the letter J) I uncovered some moldy oldies and genuine gems. I decided to start at the very beginning (i.e. from the Sound of Music), a very good place to start and spend my year listening to my collection.

The very first CD to kick off the project was 3 Doors Down - Six Pack of Hits, then 38 Special Greatest Hits, and 5th Dimension Greatest (love Marilyn McCoo singing One Less Bell to Answer - absolutely heartrending). Onward into the As, and currently I'm at the BeeGees - how fun is that? I listen to most music in the car with my long drive (up to an hour) to and from work. Oh, I'll punch ahead on songs that aren't awesome, but I'll listen all the way through to something like Beach Boys Good Vibrations or God Only Knows.

Great tunes often connect to others. One of my favorite songs is Eagles Best of My Love, and then there's Mamas & Papas California Dreaming.

So many songs bring back memories of places, good times, and friends and family. There are a lot of current musicians with great lyrics, catchy tunes, and hooks. Ce Lo Green's Forget You (yes, that's the "clean" version) is a toe tapper - I have the Gwyneth Paltrow Glee cut of that song in a compiliation. Jason Mraz, Bruno Mars, and The Script are young artists with talent.

Sometimes I want silence when I write, other times - crank the volume to 11 and write along to the muse.

Oh yeah, The Muse, opened for U2 on their tour and they have a unique sound.

What's your inspiration? Confess to your fave corny tune. C'mon Bee Gees Night Fever, Abba Dancing Queen, George Michael Faith, Hall & Oates Rich Girl, Wizard of Oz Soundtrack Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I can go on and on ...and yes, I like that song On and On by Stephen Bishop.

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