Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello 2012

2012 is the year of more technology. Here's Ray's interpretation of his media room ceiling courtesy of his iPad2 kaleidoscope photoshop program. The Anaheim souvenir rally monkey (only one) hangs from the light fixture. However, with some stylus maneuvering, Ray created art (and gave me permission to use it - yes it's gonna cost me (!))

2011 proved challenging as I published my book on Smashwords and Amazon. I'm very technologically inhibited, but my goal is to keep learning, pushing buttons, and keeping up with social media, publicity, and promotion.

It is a zoo world. But like the tales in my book, I shall conquer my fears, work on my author page, seek outlets for my work, and try to update my website . WordPress, so far, is winning. (Easy to use? I don't think so.)

If it all works, I achieve more booksignings and sales. Another resolution for 2012, is to work on my next collection of humorous essays. I'm a few chapters in and there are plenty of laughs in store.

I wish my fellow writers - Ann, Sharon, Rich, Arly, Bonnie, Sheryl et al TWW - an excellent 2012.

Happy Writing (and publishing) and technology!

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